Surge Protection

DITEK Surge Protection is your first line of defense for Video Surveillance, Fire, Networking, Communications, Intrusion Detection, Access Control and AC Power systems. We have led the industry in the design and manufacturing of surge protection solutions for over 30 years, incorporating the latest technologies for maximum performance and protection.

Adding surge protection substantially reduced both equipment losses and security downtime

Keep Residential HVAC Systems Working with Surge Protection

Modern homes in many climates depend on HVAC systems, including both heating and cooling systems, to maintain comfortable living conditions for residents. It’s no surprise that these systems are often one of the most costly mechanisms in a home. HVAC systems are generally seen by their owners as rugged, substantial equipment – and they do include hardy components, including sizeable motors, pumps, blowers, and similar hardware that can be big consumers of electrical power. The cables that run to these systems are heavy-duty, and the equipment is usually made of galvanized metal and heavy castings, reinforcing this impression of ruggedness.

The Best Surge Protection Technology for Your Application

Savvy managers know that surge protection is a secret weapon that can extend the life of their electronic systems, enhance system uptime, and protect against many kinds of losses, including downtime, lost sales, lost data, legal vulnerabilities, and customer dissatisfaction. There is no doubt that in today’s business and organizational environment, we depend more than ever on our electronic systems, whether they are supporting access control, video surveillance, computer networks, fire alarm systems, industrial controls, or POS systems. Basically, every type of organization needs these systems for survival. While we can all easily agree that mitigating the risks to these systems from invisible electrical surges and spikes is a critical step, the question becomes – what kind of surge protectors are right for you and your situation?